Presentations for schools, clubs, organizations are offered year round. Presentations can be adapted for classrooms, conference rooms or outdoors. We can also adapt to long or short presentation times.

We provide a variety of reproduction artifacts, furs, examples of crafts and clothing, tools and representative food sources, personal ornaments and crafts, all of which can be handled.

Presenters are dressed in regalia (native clothing). A small scale bark dwelling called a wigwam, traditional dwelling of the Lenape, is available during warmer months. This model is made to be entered and explored. It can be brought to your site as part of a half or full day series of expanded activities.

Topics covered include history, traditions, games, natural foods and materials, storytelling, drumming, life skills, environmental awareness, singing and dancing.

Living History presentations of Eastern Woodland Indian Life includes a half-scale wigwam setup, or a Plains Indian Tipi. There is also an option to present an East meets West Living History presentation with both house structures. Living History presentations include at least 2 presenters in regalia.

Presentations are also available at our grounds in Saltsburg, PA.

Recent Presentations

  • PIC afterschool programs in various schools (2011)
  • Girl Scouts to spend the day at Thunder Mountain Lenapé Nation (2011)