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We are excited to offer these exceptional presenters in various areas.

Everyday Shamanism: It’s no longer taboo! Presenting in the Program Room

Regina Rivers  Regina RiversRivers Healing Arts  The very ancient path of shamanism teaches us about the modern world in very practical ways. On one hand, Everyday Shamanism is useful for such mundane things as finding your lost car keys, choosing how to plant a garden and understanding why we are so emotionally tied to our pets and other animals. On the other hand, shamanism is used as a deep healing modality for letting go of old issues and for calling parts of ourselves back to us that we thought were lost. Today, more and more people are understanding shamanism as a major life-changer! Gone are the days when gleaning knowledge and becoming self-empowered are taboo! This discussion is sure to be lively! Please join us!


Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life  Presenting in the Program Room

i  Dr. Dave and Mary DiSano,  Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life   Dr. Dave is a psychologist that practices hypnotherapy. Mary has been divinely lead to Reconnective Healing which is a form of energy based healing that is in use by over 60,000 practitioners in 71 countries worldwide. It is designed to activate meridian lines (similar to acupuncture lines) on our bodies, reconnecting them to the lines on the planet that cross at acknowledged power places like Macchu Pichu or Sedona, AZ and continue out to the stars and planets. Reconnection allows healings to take place on whatever level the Universe/God/Source has intended for our being to take place, from the physical to the spiritual.  The Reconnection energies are directed through the practitioner’s hands and physical contact is not usually needed. These practitioners and authors will be discussing and signing their books.


Akashic Hands-A Healing Art.  Presenting in the Program Room

  Arthur GutkinAkashic Hands   Arthur is a medical intuitive.  He practiced law for 40 years but eventually found his way back to using the gifts he had and were nurtured since birth.  This presentation will explain this healing art which usually alleviates chronic and acute pain as well as long term illnesses within 8-10 minutes.

Labyrinths, Ancestral Strength & the Heart of the Family Soul  Presenting in the Program Room

Cameron Wellness Center Labyrinth  Dorit Brauer, Live Your Best Live    Dorit Brauer will help you to create a sacred space in your home or office.  She is a graduate from the Mahut School for Complementary Medicine and Holism in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the owner of a successful bi-coastal business in holistic medicine in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania and Ventura, California.

As a spiritual seeker and globetrotting healer Dorit Brauer offers a unique perspective on life. Dorit’s passion in life is to help others connect to the light so that we may all live our dreams to the fullest and truly find peace and unity in this world.


Turn Your Pain Into Peace: .  Presenting in the Program Room

DebbieHeadShot_HomePage.jpg  Deb Heneghan, Closer Than You Think   Turn Your Pain Into Peace: Understand how to find peace, comfort and love through life’s experiences – specifically the passing of a loved one.Wouldn’t it be great to understand how to find joy and love through all of life’s experiences, and to recognize the difference between running your life on a foundation of love vs. fear?  As an inspirational spiritual teacher, author, intuitive and personal/life coach, Debbie has helped hundreds of people work through life’s challenges through the teachings in her teleseminars, spiritual workshops/retreats, coaching, audio book (Turn Your Pain Into Peace), radio show  and her first book which will be in book stores in April - Closer Than You Think: The Easy Guide to Communicating with Loved Ones on the Other Side- which is about the beautiful spiritual connection Debbie believes we are all meant to have.

The Test of True Love Game Presenting in the Program Room

Healing in My Soul  Presenting in the Program Room

  Francesca Szarnicki, Francesca New Age Services  Francesca will  introduce you to her spirited divination game that allows you to analyze all kinds of relationships .Tap into the power of your soul and learn to heal without drugs, vitamins, lasers, or special diets.  Attend this lecture and you will broaden your perspective on options for your health, happiness, and well being.


MARI and Dream Consultations  Presenting in the Program Room

Carolyn Heil, A Moment in Time    MARI is an innovative process that uses color, symbol, and developmental stages of life that allows a person to engage the psyche when exploring solutions to a situation.  MARI promotes personal growth and development on several levels.  MARI helps one get a “snapshot” of the psyche.  Clients are amazed at the process and results.

Native American Martial Arts

Douglas Yonkers, Ronin Bujutsu Academy of Personal Protection is an instructor and trainer in various forms of martial arts.  His Native American heritage has lead him to explore this cultural twist on the arts.

Medicinal Herbs 101 Presenting in the Program Room

 Olatokunboh Obasi, Ola’s Herb Shop.  Ola is a Medical Herbalist, nutritionist and educator.