Meet our Participants

To find the exact location of a vendor, or time and location of a program please check the program which will be given to you free of charge at the door.

Eric Biese, Capoeira

Bill Bishop, Impact Xpozures

Rebecca Bloom, Intuitive Tarot Reading

Dorit Brauer, Live Your Best Life

Charlie Butler, Figure Contour Systems

Maureen Ceidro, LVWPA

Mary J. Clough, Living Light

Gene Corn, Wolf Treasures

Dennis Farms, Maple products

Dr. Dave and Mary DiSano, Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life

Mary Jo Dlugonski, LVWPA

Sally Donnelly, LVWPA

Connie Frank, Centered Point Therapies

Robin Freeman, Journeys of Life

Jamie Glover, Global Lovin’ Imports

Stan Gordon, producer of the award winning documentary “Kecksburg The Untold Story.”

Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

Arthur Gutkin, Akashic Hands

Carolyn Heil, A Moment in Time

Deb Heneghan, Closer Than You Think

Sarina Hoover, Serenity Tie Die

Coryelle Kramer, Animal Communicator & Psychic

Lisa Lazowicki, Jerky Direct

LVWPA (Ligonier Valley Wholistic Practitioners Association)

Judy Madden, LVWPA

Richard Matz, Lightworker and healer

Preston Marusa, Encouragemug

Kevin May, Flowertry

Tracy Maysmith, A Kneaded Rest

Janet Mckee, Holistic Nutrition

Linda Metzer, Healing gemstone jewelry

Gary Miller, Psychic

Corbie Mitleid , Fire Through Spirit

Michael Muchnock II,  Flute player and author

Carole Obley, Soulvisions, LLC

Ola’s Herb Shop

Deborah Pakler, Ph.D., Certified Medium

Peggy Pavlik, LVWPA

Marcy Pearsall, Aura photography

Yvonne Phillips, Feng Shui

Michelle Reed, Whole Body Unlimited

Rev. Margie Rivera, TAOS CO. and Radio show known as “Two Mediums at Large”

Phillip Rivers, Comcura, LLC

Regina Rivers, River Healing Arts

Jennifer Rowan, Psychic Mediumship Readings

Sara Sachs, Psychic Medium

Dr. Fred Salari, La Spa Ligonier, non-narcotic pain management

Marina Schaum, Ohio Valley Herbal Products

Gretchen Schmitt,  Xingular

Christine Simmon, LVWPA

SITE NITE (Spiritual, Intuitive and Telepathic Expansion)

Francsecca Szarnicki, New Age Services

Martin Thomas, Guitarist, songwriter, storyteller

Thunder Mountain Lenape’ Nation

What the Bleep

Bill Wilkinson,  LVWPA

Douglas Yonkers, Ronin Bujutsu Academy of Personal Protection

Young Thunder, Native American Drum

Victoria Zaitz, Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner